I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t blog near enough. I’ve shot all over the place, and I’ve had some amazing adventures witnessing this world and the love inside it. But still, blogging does not appeal to me. I’ll be honest, blogging is very difficult to me. And if I’ve shot a wedding for you, and you want me to blog it, you’d better have a silver tongue, or a food bribe of some sort, because more than likely it just isn’t going to happen. There’s a few weddings I’ve felt compelled to blog, even if for no other reason than to boast or show off. But in spite of this desire to showcase my travelings, it’s still hard as heck to get me to do it. So while no more effort has gone into these blogs, than the effort of any other photographer’s blogs, I hope you enjoy mine more knowing just how tough it is creating them. 🙂